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1)  What? My Dog is Matted?
2)  Elderly Dog Grooming Considerations
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4)  Why a Bath is not 'Just a Bath'
NOT JUST A BATH  by Valery Taylor and condensed by Pam Julian

Have you ever wondered why Groomers charge so much for "JUST A BATH"?  a lot of Clients do not understand what is involved in "Jast A Bath" is what groomers do.....

First of all, most "Just A Bath' dogs are too big for the owner to do in the comfort of their home, so off to the Groomer...

1.  Lifting and wrestling a big dog into the tub (if it won't go up the ramp)
2)  Special shampoos (tick, oatmeal, etc. + time)
3.  Dry skin treatments (moisturizer + time)
4)  Cage space and drying time, same as a groomed dog
5)  Additional time and wrestling to do nails
6)  Additional time for cleaning gunky ears
7)  Lots of moise (since many of these pets stay at home all of the time).

De-Shedding Process, the reason most 'Just A Bath' dogs come to the grooming shop....

after making sure the coat is de-greased, and clean, before moisturizers...

1)  Time spent de-matting or raking out dead coat
2)  next step.....Time with a carding blade
3)  next step.....Time with a stripping knife
4)  next step.....Time with a lava-stone

after the moisturizer, rinse, rinse, rinse.  Then application of a leave-in conditioner, and the High Velocity Drying (a process whereby the water is "forced" off the coat with volumes of air, taking along much of the loose hair) that is available in Grooming Shops and not at home.

Then into a warm box dryer for a warm-up and evaporation of any water left on the coat.

Once the coat is dry...

1)  Additional de-matting as needed
2)  Final comb and brush out
3)  Tidy edges of coat, pants and feet as needed
4)  Finishing spray, bandana and cologne.