Canine Design, LLC   Photo Gallery 2
Oliver Wendal Holmes - Cock-a-poo
Elouise - Bichon
Cherie  - Bichon Frisext.
Clara Belle Johnson - Mixed Breed
FSpring Flower on
Jasmine, the Mini Poodle
Tasha - Mini Poo x Lasha mix
Buddy,  Parti colored Cocker
Hannah - small Cockapoo
Lexi - Cocker mix
Ollie - Cocker Spaniel
Rusty - Cocker  Spaniel
Sam - Sheltie
Summer Sun on
Jasmine in her
Christmas Design

German Wirehaired Pointer - Pete
Minature Schnauzer
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
(Cavalier King Charles
crossed with Bichon)

How did this guy
get in here?

NO - we only
groom Canines

Rose - Yorkshire Terrier
Portuguese Water Dog
Portuguese Water Dog puppy
Springer Spaniel
Shep, Old English Sheepdog